1. Look Again

Written by Bryan Mitschell / Kris Maloy (www.krismaloy.com)
Demo Vocals: Jeremy Rowe (www.jeremyrowe-music.com)
Production & Drums: Bryan Mitschell


Caught you lookin’ through old wedding pics at the things that time has changed
Then you looked over at the mirror and said you wish you still looked that way
But what's in my eyes in those 3x5s well that part don't change a bit
So I hope you look again

Cuz you don’t see the girl I do
Dancin’ through that warm Saturday
A breeze blowing the Bluebells tucked into your hair
And the sun shining on your face
How you spun and twirled that ivory dress
Lookin’ at me like the day you said yes
And you steal my heart like you always did
Every time you give me that look again

Some'll look at us and see the scuffs we got on our wedding rings
Some’ll look at the years gone by and think it’s not what it used to be
Some seem to think that young love fades when time sets in
Well they better look again

Cuz they don’t see the girl I do

You might say that our honeymoon days are way behind us
But if you could look inside my mind I’m as wild about you as I ever was

Yeah you don’t see the girl I do