The Quiet Kismet Project was born out of a desire to create an emotional and informational bridge between those who have experienced homelessness and those who have not.  From a partnership between songwriter Bryan Mitschell, renowned cellist Dr. Tess Remy-Schumacher, the University of Central Oklahoma Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs and Oklahoma City advocacy organizations The Homeless Alliance and Pivot, comes an album of six recorded interviews with individuals who have experienced homelessness, and six songs inspired by those interviews. 

The music covers a range of genres from hip-hop to Americana, conveying the powerful stories of a runaway teen, a terminal cancer patient, a single-mother of four, and more.  The intent is to lend a voice and expression to these underprivileged individuals, relaying their experiences to a broad audience in order to raise awareness and increase empathy and understanding toward victims of homelessness. 

This album was funded with a Regular Faculty Grant from the University of Central Oklahoma Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and was organized in collaboration with Oklahoma City organizations The Homeless Alliance (website) and Pivot (website).  All interviewees were compensated for their time and contributions by the generous support of our UCO Regular Faculty Grant and private donations. 


 Thank you everyone who attended our Quiet Kismet Album Reveal Concerts

at the UCO Jazz Lab and ACM Live Room in March!

If you missed the shows, you can still watch the on-demand video

from the UCO School of Music's channel (click here)


Featuring performances by: 

Tess Remy-Schumacher, cello (website)

Madeline Young, voice / Grant Research Assistant (website)

Robbie Voigt, voice / Grant Research Assistant

Matt Denman, guitar (website)

Kendrik McKinney, keyboard 

Michael T. Geib, electric/acoustic bass (website)

Bryan Mitschell, drums (website)


Commentary from Katelyn McKinney (Grant Research Assistant); Bryan Mitschell

and special guests from The Homeless Alliance (website) and Pivot (website)