1. Drunk Off You

Written by Bryan Mitschell / Kris Maloy (www.krismaloy.com)
Vocals: Jeremy Rowe (www.jeremyrowe-music.com)
Production & Drums: Bryan Mitschell


Used to be that I was used to bein' pretty solid with the girls
Ain't like I would say
I'm some kind of Casanova but I kinda won 'em over with that
Boy next door from somewhere down in Georgia thing
I had a cool calm way of keepin' it together
Til you showed up and now I know I better
Buckle up and pace myself
Before you get me trashed as hell

I'm getting drunk off you
Until I'm way less cool than I wanna think
Every time I try to play it smooth
I only play the fool, sayin' stupid things
"Wrapped Up" like Garth and "On Fire" like Bruce
*"Lucky" like Merle" and "On Fire" like Bruce
*"I can't help it" like Hank, I'm "On Fire" like Bruce
There ain't one right move in these two left feet
'Til I spill my drink within an inch of your shoes
You say it's cute, but damn, there's somethin' wrong with me
I think I'm drunk off you

You and how you kiss me in a way that's like a whiskey to the gut
Would you believe I'm still just
As nervous hangin' round you as I was when I first found you and I
Tripped and flubbed my way into this big ol' buzz
I thought I'd sober up after some time together
Still got it bad, and now I wonder whether
You're a habit I can't help
A little taste of that top shelf