Written by Bryan Mitschell / Kris Maloy (www.krismaloy.com) / Jeremy Rowe (www.jeremyrowe-music.com)
Vocals: Jeremy Rowe
Piano: Kris Maloy


There's a picture of the two of us
Guess I kept it as a souvenir
You're smiling at me, by the moving truck
A gorgeous day, our first one here
And in the background, our new-old house
A fixer-upper on the edge of town
It needed work, but you were so damn proud
You had your dreams, I had my doubts

You said "we can fix this"
"Everything’ll be perfect"

Like a ghost in our cold house at night
Down floors that creak, no signs of life
I’m riding out a storm that just won’t die
Cover my ears when the rafters cry at night
They're asking questions I don't like
Like, "why bother holding back the sky?"
Without you, this place is falling apart
And if I'm honest, so am I

Let the thunder shake these walls til they cave in
Cuz we gave this thing the most two kids could give
Laid buckets beneath the ceiling leaks
Cement in all the cracks beneath
But no repair could keep home where your heart is

I thought we could fix this
Everything would be perfect


There’s a picture of the two of us
It’s faded now, and so am I