1. Summer

Written by Bryan Mitschell
Vocals, Drums & Production: Bryan Mitschell


From the first time you met Summer
Bet you could tell she had big plans
Maybe she don't know what they are yet
But they're way bigger than any man
And you can’t hold that against her
Anymore the night for becoming dawn
Bout the time you decode Summer
It’s time for Summer to move on

Her dreamer's eyes’ll look right past you
Her compass heart points the other way
She means well, she don't wanna hurt you
She thinks you’re cute and she feels ashamed
But a North wind lifts her hair and she swears
Something out there said her name
You can smell it in the weather
Your warm season's about to change

Tell the girl you love her
She'll urge you to “simmer down”
It's a beautiful sound
But if that's all that she says, well that says it all
Soon as you think maybe you can keep Summer around
Get ready for the Fall

S’always been somethin’ bout summer
Those times her mind seems to trail off
When you ask what she's been thinkin’
She smiles and shrugs like she forgot
Chalk it up as something endearing
And hope that one day you’ll understand
But I can tell you how you can tell
you got a goodbye on your hands

[Repeat Chorus]

And I, I know what you’re going through
Yeah I, I’ve been a mile in those shoes
I was once there too

From the first time I met Summer
there was an emptiness in her veins
Each day she held me closer her thoughts would drift further away
It’s no one’s fault, nothing we did wrong
But anything on her horizon
Is to her back before too long

Told the girl I loved her
She had to talk me down, I think of it now
It’s the way that’s all she said that really said it all
Just when it seemed maybe I could keep Summer around
Then came the Fall
And I wasn't ready for that at all