Written by Bryan Mitschell / Kris Maloy (www.krismaloy.com) / Jeremy Rowe (www.jeremyrowe-music.com)
Vocals: Jeremy Rowe (www.jeremyrowe-music.com)
Production & Drums: Bryan Mitschell


Boy next door; girl up the street
We go all the way back to playground swings
Small town kids killin' time almost every day
From slurpin' sno-cones, on beat-up bikes
To ditching prom to see a full moon rise
Had each other's shoulder to cry on when the heartbreaks came

Sittin' at our routine hang on a friend-zone friday night
It’s the whiskey playin’ tricks or somethin’s different in her eyes
What the hell, what would ya think’a tryin’
Somethin' we ain’t never tried?
And she said...

"Yeah right
I ain't nothing like all them girls that you like
Even if we gave it a whirl
I'd give it half a day before I made you cry
Yeah and she said, "we'd be like
A time bomb waiting to blow sky high
Don’t look at me like you don’t know
We don't even got a one-in-a-million chance"
And I said, “girl, that sounds like a plan”

She rolled her eyes and I fired back
"How ya gonna write off your best friend like that?
Ain't even kidding now, gimme a shot and try to hear me out
I'm thinkin' now I ain't been too smart
Hopin’ some other girl would steal my heart
When I've always known you were the coolest one around

What would it take to talk you in to startin'
Something new right here and now?"
But she said...

[Repeat Chorus]

Well she's talkin' pretty tough
But I know her poker face from her bluff
When she says...

[Repeat Chorus]