1. Rockstar

Written by Bryan Mitschell / Kris Maloy (www.krismaloy.com)
Demo Vocals: Jeremy Rowe (www.jeremyrowe-music.com)
Production: Bryan Mitschell


I had a nowhere job, guitar and a dream
Didn't know many folks who believed in me
In a ten year town
Payin' two months down
On an old double wide was all we could swing
‘Bout as far from the big stage as I could be

But after every hard day and tip jar night
Back at home it was like I'd already made it big time

‘Cuz you make me feel like a real rockstar
Crank it to eleven wherever we are
Spin me round like a bar top dance
Love me loud like a thousand fans
No spotlight’s bright as your eyes
You’re the melody I harmonize
My heart’s full as a sold out show and I’d swear
There's a whole crowd singin' with their hands in the air
Girl, you make me feel like a rockstar

Things are different now, guess I’m doin’ alright
Feelin’ blessed to play a packed house each night
Between a killer band
And the clapping hands
It can really feel like heaven on Earth
That old dream came true for sure

But if I still had a name that nobody knew
I'd be livin' the dream just the same comin' home to you

[Repeat Chrous 2X]